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"Big gold teeth" crusher hammers are a highly wear-resistant crusher hammers. Dingsheng manufactures this type of crusher hammers with external refining and pressure casting technologies. Molten steel is purer and the matrix is more compact. Our crusher hammers has a service life longer than those made of common high manganese steel and is safer to use.

Dingsheng has successfully designed and manufactured crusher hammers which are used for clinker crushing equipment. Designed with incomparable high technology, it helps thoroughly solve the problem which has puzzled generations of scientific research personnel for cement and wear-resistant materials. "Sandwich" crusher hammers features few wear parts, easy replacement, low cost, etc.

“big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers:

1. “big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers casted the Tungsten Titanium alloy in the high-manganese steel substrate,It may resist the severe grinding abrasion;
2. “big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers’ service life has been enhanced by 50% compared to the ordinary high-manganese steel!
3.compared to the similar products, “big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers have the advantage strong wear resistance  and low price.

“big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers:

1. “big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers are made of AMC
2. the “big gold tooth”Crusher Hammers can be used in hard condition of serious abrasion. 
3. crush limestone with abnormal content of SiO2  “big gold tooth” super Crusher Hammers.

Crusher hammers,super crusher hammers are widly used in hammer crusher,ring hammer crusher,single stage hammer crusher,stone crusher and rock crusher,mobile hammer crusher and so on.

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