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production line Ceramsite production line Ceramsite 

production line
  • Ceramsite production line
  • Ceramsite production line
  • Ceramsite production line

Ceramsite uses

Ceramsite Production Process

Main Machines used

Ceramsite uses:

Ceramsite is also called ceramic sand,is a kind of ceramic particle product with high fracturing intensity, belonging to lightweight aggregate family. Ceramsite has excellent properties, such as low density,high cylinder pressure, high porosity, tall softening coefficient, good frost resistance,etc.So ceramsite widely used in building materials, gardening, refractory insulation materials, Chemical,oil and other departments.Ceramsite used more widely with the development of technology.

Main Ceramsite Type:

1.Coal ash ceramsite
2. Clay ceramsite
3. Shale ceramsite
4. Construction ceramsite

Product ceramsite generally using the production process of raw material homogenization, granulation, baking,cooling. According to the type and characteristics of raw materials, Its granulating process can be divided into the following kinds:

1. Plastic method technology: Suitable for clay and clayey material.

Its process: clay - plasticizing, smoothing of roller and granulating - roasting - cooling - finished products

2. Mud into the ball process: Suitable for fly ash or other powder raw materials.

Its process: fly ash - mixed smoothing - into balls set granulating - roasting - cooling - finished products.

3. Powder grinding ball process: Suitable for shale, clay shale and gangue materials.

Its process: shale, drying, grinding, prewetting - into a ball dish granulating - roasting - cooling - finished product, the additive agent.

4. Broken (dry) process: Suitable for shale, etc.

Its process: raw materials and broken graded - roasting shale and finished product and cooling.

5. Fuel: according to local fuel supply, using bituminous coal, crude oil or natural gas.

The main equipment in production of ceramsite crushing plant includes crusher, screening machine,belt conveyor,feeding machine,discharge machine,raw material storage warehouse,dust fall room, induced draft fan, main kiln body,coal injection system and control cabinet,etc. The speed of the feeder under the raw material strong warehouse, kiln body and the quantity of coal arching are all of stepless speed regulating.

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