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Technical characteristic

"free charge"

The matrix of nodular iron is changed through isothermal quenching. It embodies high strength, super high toughness and wear-resistance. It has been widely applied in mining industry and is fit for mill.

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2.low noise.

3.high ductility. saving.

5.high capacity.

6.lighter weight.

7.low ball broken.

8.high mill powder efficiency.

9.low lost round.

1.The grinding balls abrasive resistance is higher than middle chromium ball, similar to high chromium ball, far outweigh low chromium ball.

2. The Ductility of grinding ball is more than all the ball of high chromium,middle chromium and low chromium.

3.The rate of ball Broken is almost zero, no stoppage of Grate seam,and enhanced the efficiency of Mill powder.

4. Lost round rate of grinding ball is extremely low, Greatly improved the efficiency of Mill powder.

5.The grinding ball as the specific gravity is only 7.1t/m3,10% Lighter than normal metal,it will reduce 10 % of the capacity,10 %to 15% power consumption and increase 5% of output.

6.reduce mill noise 3-5 Decibel.

This kind of grinding ball reduced at least 10% power consumption,only the Tons of cement node can enough offset the cost of every tons of cement,so ADI grinding balls is called as "free charged" steel ball.

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