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Sand washing machine is the main sand washing equipment developed and produced for cooperating sand making by combining with the actual conditions of domestic gravel industry. In DSMAC, sand washing machine includes bucket wheel sand washer and spiral sand washing machine used to clean and separate stone powder and dust from dinas. This series of sand washing machine features the following advantages:rational structure,convenient maintenance,great handling capacity,low power consumption and high washing cleanliness.

The sand washing machine has been widely used in the road,water and electricity and building industries, etc.

Sand washing machine working principle

When the sand washer is working, the engine driven by the V belt, reduction gears and the gear reducer rotates slowly, with the gravel impeller getting into the tank. In the impeller, the sands roll and abrade, till the impurities are eliminated. Meanwhile, if added some water, the impurities and foreign matters produced by the machine will get out from the exit with some water.

DSMAC sand washer for sale

1. The sand washing machine has high washing cleanliness and causes no pollution or little sand loss during the washing process.

2. Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath type gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate.

3. Very little medium sand, fine sand and stone powder loss during the washing process. The grading and fineness modulus of building sand washed are all up to industrial standard.

4. Handling capacity is great and power consumption is low.

5. The sand washing machine saves water resources and causes no pollution.It is quite durable.

6. Easy to maintain and convenient to operate.

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