Rotary Sand Maker

Rotary Sand Maker
Rotary Sand Maker Rotary Sand Maker Rotary Sand Maker
  • Rotary Sand Maker
  • Rotary Sand Maker
  • Rotary Sand Maker



Technical parameters


The rotary sand maker is necessary sand making equipment for key projects such as hydraulic power plants across the globe. The rotary sand maker imitates the shaping process of natural sand. Its finished product features excellent shape, rational grading and adjustable fineness modulus in particular. The rotary sand maker is quite convenient for clients to adjust the rotary sand maker for producing medium and coarse sand.

1. Product granularity is small and balanced (D90≤3mm, D average≤1mm).

2. Yield is increased by 60~100%.

3. Electricity is reduced by 20~40%.

4. Metal consumption is low.

5. The rotary sand maker features simple structure,reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

The rotary sand maker has been widely used for sand making of pebble,hillstone, gangue, aggregate chips, and for producing building aggregate, pavement aggregate, cushion aggregate, bituminous concrete and cement concrete aggregate.

The rotary sand maker can also be used for sand making machine and stone reshaping for such engineering projects as water conservancy,hydraulic power plant,high-level road,expressway,high-speed rail,bridge,municipal works etc.The rotary sand maker is also used for material crushing in the industries of building materials,metallurgy,chemical engineering, mine,fire-resistant parts,cement,abrasive materials, etc.The rotary sand maker can also be used to produce glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials.

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