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Ring Hammer crusher
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Product Description

Working principle


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The ring hammer crusher is a good coal hammer crusher, it is used for crushing various fragile materials which are moderately hard and have weak corrosivity, such as gangue, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, tile, limestone, coke, red sandstone, slag, shale, etc. Both dry crushing and wet crushing are available. The ring hammer crusher can also be applied for crushing fiber structure, scrap wood which has strong elasticity and toughness, waste paper, broken asbestos cement, etc.

How does coal hammer crusher work?

The ring hammer crusher for coal is a type of impact crusher with ring crusher hammers. The crusher hammers not only revolves around the crusher rotor in the driving of motor, but also revolves around the hammer shaft. When the materials are put into the cavity, it was crushed firstly by the high-speed ring crusher hammers, then the material get the energy from the ring crusher hammers and rush at the impact plate in a high speed, it falls down to the grid plate after the secondary broken, be sheared ,extruded, grinded and be further crushed. the final product which size is less than the gap of grid hole flow down the machine, and the bigger size material will be stricken continually, and discharge the machine through the grid plate finally.

Features of ring hammer crusher

1. The ring hammer crusher is designed with a simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency.

2. The ring hammer crusher is highly efficient and energy saving, and causes low noise and little dust.

3. The space between grid sections can be adjusted to change discharging granularity in line with clients'needs.

4. The alloy crusher hammers have excellent corrosion resistance and its service life is 1.5~2 times that of normal high manganese steel.

Ring hammer crusher for coal,limestone, gypsum crushing

Ring Hammer crusher is applicable for various moderately hard and fragile materials, such as limestone, coal, salt, gypsum, alum, brick and tile, etc. It can be used to crush the dry or wet materials. The crushing compressive strength of materials should not surpass 150Mpa; the moisture content does not surpass 8%-11% (for the nonviscous materials the moisture content can be controlled in 15%). Ring Hammer crusher is mainly used in industries such as cement, coal separation, electricity generation, metallurgy, building materials and compound fertilizer, etc. In addition, the Ring Hammer Crusher can also be used in crushing or sand making production line and can be substitute equipment for cone crusher in beneficiation production line.

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