Crusher Liner Plate

liner plate for mill
liner plate for mill liner plate for mill liner plate for mill
  • liner plate for mill
  • liner plate for mill
  • liner plate for mill

Product Description

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Technical characteristic

Our company can customize crusher liner plate in line with clients' needs. All our crusher liner plates are Φ5×10.5m large raw material crusher liner plate which are manufactured with super strengthening wear resistant medium chromium alloy materials. The crusher liner plate expected service life is 2-3 times that of high manganese steel and it causes little noise and pollution.

We created a cement mill warehouse and kept 12 years long record. Nobody breaks until now.

We succeeded researching and developing the first set of grooved liner plate in 1987 in China. And we have made the following progress:

1、We had the longest life crusher liner plate (installed in 1988 and replaced in 2000) according to the official record history;

2、The production increased by 12%, electricity saving 15%, reduces the mill noise dA5 decibel, the cement specific surface area increases 15-20m2/k;

3、We invented the spiral grooved liner plate in 1989;

4、We invented the section grade activation liner plate in 1990;

1.long service life.

2.electricity saving.

3.reduce noise.

4.high capacity.

5.high technology.

Each kind of crusher liner plates uses in ultra tenacious chromium alloy manufactured,the life has been enhanced 2-3 times.The crusher liner plates is widly used in crushers,impact crushers,high efficiency fine crusher,ball mill and so on.

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